Willow & Everett Moscow Mule Mugs Review

Willow & Everett Moscow Mule Mugs Review

If you consider yourself a cocktail aficionado and want only the best products for your home bar, you’ll understand how important it is to have the right serving equipment too. With the hundreds of cocktails out there in the world, there are just a few famous enough to deserve their very own special glass and the Moscow Mule is one of them.

To make a traditional Moscow Mule you’ll need yourself a copper mug, but not just any old kind will do. This is not something that you want to cheap out on or buy an inferior product, and so you can search for hours just trying to find something that’s right.

Willow & Everett Moscow Mule Mugs

Too many brands out there are focussed on making cocktail equipment and accessories that are affordable but not the best quality. If you have a bar at home and like to impress your friends with the best-tasting drinks and premium glassware, you’ll understand just how important it is to have the right items for Moscow Mules.

Willow & Everett have succeeded in making a premium Moscow Mule mug that’s worthy of adding to both home and professional bars, and not only do they look amazing but they’re made from the authentic copper materials that this drink is famously served in. if you’ve been searching for the right way to serve your favorite cocktail then you can look no further once you’ve found this set.

About The Product

Willow & Everett are already established as one of the leading homewares makers with premium products that make your home dazzle. Their range of bar items for the kitchen serve both a practical purpose but an aesthetic one too, and most of their pieces are stylish accessories just on their own.

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    100% real copper with no nickel or stainless steel lining
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    Frosts up in seconds for all kinds of ice cold drinks
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    16oz size makes it perfect for all cocktails
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    Comes with copper shot glass and an eBook
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    Shiny copper exterior looks just as good as it feels

The Willow & Everett set of four Moscow Mule mugs have been designed just as this famous drink was intended, and made from complete copper for the true experience. Whether you have a beloved home bar that entertains guests each week or just appreciate a good cocktail on your own now and then, you’ll be amazed at how gorgeous and functional these mugs are.

There are so many different brands with their own Moscow Mule available, so it can be hard to find ones that are a standout. After seeing the features you’ll get with the Willow & Everett Moscow Mule Mug you’ll understand why they’re considered a premium option.

Two Women Toasting With Mugs

This set of four Moscow Mule mugs are an instant conversation starter for your kitchen or bar, even when they’re not in use. With a rich and delicate copper color and handcrafted with care, you’ll want to use them even when you’re not drinking this famous cocktail.

The Pros And Cons

There’s no doubt that the best thing about these mugs is their quality, and you can see it instantly without even needing to hold one in your hands. Once you do pick it up, though, you’ll feel how thick and heavy they are which is the true sign of a quality and authentic copper mug used for Moscow Mules.

Some people have complained about how much care these copper mugs require, and it’s true that they do come with their own specific set of instructions about how to wash them. If you’re looking for an easy cleaning mug that can be put in the dishwasher, you might prefer a fake copper one instead as these won’t last long with that type of harsh washing.

As an added bonus, this set of mugs also comes with a shot glass so you can have a complete matching set when you make your next round of Moscow Mules. Willow & Everett also include access to an eBook about the famous cocktails you can make with your cooper mugs so you can enjoy them for even more tasty drinks.

Buying Advice

If you’re seriously impressed by all that’s on offer with the Willow & Everett Moscow Mule Mugs, you’ll want to head straight to Amazon and get yourself a great price for them. This four set of mugs, the free shot glass, and cocktail eBook all cost just under $35 which is an amazing price so such high quality.

Willow & Everett Moscow Mule Mugs

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Amazon will make the shopping trip even easier and send these straight to your door at no extra cost, with Amazon Prime members being able to receive theirs in just two days. This means if you have a cocktail party looming, you can feel confident about adding Moscow Mules to the menu with your new set of glasses.

For those homes who entertain more people, you might want to consider purchasing an additional set to please everyone. Not only are these great for cocktails but you can enjoy smoothies, milkshakes and soft drinks from them with the copper keeping them ice cold.

The Verdict

There’s no better way to enjoy an authentic Moscow Mule than with a copper mug, and Willow & Everett have succeeded in making them just as they should be. This set of four Moscow Mule Mugs has everything you could ask for in a genuine mug and they’ll make your cocktail taste better than you could ever have imagined.

If you’re looking for a Moscow Mule Mug that looks good and serves a practical purpose, you can’t go past this set from Willow & Everett. To get this conversation piece for your own home bar and wow your guests with an authentic Moscow Mule, click here to purchase some for yourself.

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