Krown Kitchen Moscow Mule Mugs Review

Krown Kitchen Moscow Mule Mugs Review

There are some things in life that just can’t be beaten, and one of those is sipping on a delicious cocktail and enjoying the company of friends. Even better is when you’re able to host your friends in your own home and wow them with your cocktail making skills and beautiful barware collection.

One of the coolest cocktails to show off by far has to be the Moscow Mule, and it’s all thanks to the unique way of serving up this drink. As the Moscow Mule requires a pure copper mug to be enjoyed, getting yourself a set of these mugs will not only make your drinks taste amazing but it will add a touch of style to your home bar as well.

Krown Kitchen Moscow Mule Mugs

When looking for the right barware for your home, it can be easy to get sidetracked looking for all the bits and pieces needed to prepare things the right way. What you need is a complete set that has everything you need to enjoy a Moscow Mule so you can get a quality package without shopping around anywhere else.

The Krown Kitchen Moscow Mule Mug Set is exactly the product for this, with everything you need to serve up your favorite cocktail to guest and wow them with the authenticity and taste. If you look to shop smartly and only stock your bar with premium products, these are well worth your time and money.

About The Product

When you’re shopping for the best of the best, you want a brand that specializes just in making that product, and that’s exactly what Krown Kitchen does with Moscow Mule Mugs. When you get the Krown Kitchen Moscow Mule Mugs you’ll benefit from such features as:

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    Copper mugs lined with stainless steel to prevent rust
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    Double wall construction to keep drinks cold
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    Four mugs, shot glass, cloth, recipe book and coasters
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    Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip

The Krown Kitchen Moscow Mule Mugs come in a complete set so you never have to shop around for anything else. You’ll get four of these hammered copper mugs, four stunning coasters, a recipe book, specialized cleaning cloth and shot glass, all designed to help you prepare the perfect Moscow Mule.

This set is ideal for anyone with a home bar that has been made to impress and they make the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Krown Kitchen prides themselves on creating the most authentic looking mugs to enjoy your favorite cocktail in, and they managed to succeed every time.

Krown Kitchen Moscow Mule Mugs

If you have been shopping around for a set of Moscow Mule Mugs that will stand the test of time, the Krown Kitchen Moscow Mule Mugs should be at the top of the list.  With their unique stainless steel lining, they’ve been designed to prevent rust so you never have to worry about replacing them.

The Pros And Cons

One of the best things about these mugs is the complete set that they come with, as other brands will only supply the mugs and then you need to source the rest. With everything from coasters to a shot glass included this is the complete package and makes an easy and thoughtful give for others as well.

The only downfall with these mugs is that they’ve been lined with stainless steel, and although it does give the added benefit of never rusting, it means they’re technically not completely authentic Moscow Mule Mugs. However, some might prefer the more lightweight feel and non-rust qualities, just as long as you know before you buy that it’s not 100% copper.

People love the look and feel of these mugs, and Krown Kitchen continues to upgrade their products to suit the customer’s needs. The new ergonomic handle makes it easier to hold for longer periods, which is a common complaint with other types of Moscow Mule Mugs, so they’re definitely built for comfort.

Buying Advice

To get yourself the best deal on this Moscow Mule Mug Set from Krown Kitchen, head to Amazon and see their special prices. Currently, you’ll pay under $40 for the entire set which gives you everything you need, and they’ll even send it for free.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member you’ll also benefit from their express shipping which means you can be sipping on a Moscow Mule within just two days of ordering.

Krown Kitchen Moscow Mule Mugs


Unfortunately, Krown Kitchen doesn’t offer a warranty on these mugs so you’ll have to take their word for it that stainless steel lining will make them last longer. According to Krown Kitchen, this makes them easier to clean, less toxic and less likely to rust, so if their word is true then it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

Thanks to the handy gift box and complete packaging these make a great gift, so you might even want to consider purchasing some additional sets to keep at home just in case. Once your guests see how great your Moscow Mules look at your home bar they might even want to get some for themselves and you’ll have the perfect gift in mind for their upcoming birthday.

The Verdict

If you’ve been looking for the perfect set of Moscow Mules but without the risk of a completely copper design, Krown Kitchen has the answer for you. This set comes with everything you need to get started on your Moscow Mule obsession and it also makes the perfect gift for others.

Owning a set of these stunning mugs will be an instant conversation starter for your home and they’re great for people who regularly entertain or like to enjoy a quiet drink alone. To add the style and sophistication of the Krown Kitchen Moscow Mule Mugs to your house, click here to get yourself the set today.

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