Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule Mugs Review

Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule Mugs Review

There’s nothing quite like entraining friends and family at your own home bar, serving up delicious cocktails and creating an atmosphere that could rival any premiere bar. You get the option to choose your own music, setting, and attire, as well as only entertain those that you love most.

Just as important as having the setting all right and knowing how to make a good cocktail is the utensils and accessories you serve it in, and anyone who knows a thing or two about cocktails will understand how the right serving glass will affect the taste. This could not be truer for any drink other than the Moscow Mule, with everyone knowing that a pure copper mug is the only way to enjoy them.

Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule Mug

If you regularly like to serve Moscow Mules to your guests or are looking for a fancy and popular cocktail to add to your menu, it’s essential to get yourself a set of pure copper mugs to do so. However, with hundreds of brands out there all claiming to make the best mugs for the job, the search for something genuine and visually pleasing can be tough.

Advanced Mixology specializes in barware and accessories, making your home bar something spectacular for guests to enjoy. Their set of four Moscow Mule Mugs gives the authentic look and taste to this beloved drink without breaking the bank for your home bar.

About The Product

Just as their name suggests, Advanced Mixology understands the importance of serving your favorite drinks the right way. When you make the choice to go with a quality set of mugs like this, you’ll be getting:

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    Mugs made from 22 gauge, 100% copper sheets
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    No liners or fillers used at all
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    Lifetime warranty on all mugs
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    Tarnish resistant and coated with food grade lacquer for shine
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    Comes with a gift set with four wooden coasters

With a huge range of products for cocktails and liquor, one of their specialties is drinkware for the famous Moscow Mule. All of their products are handcrafted and especially their Moscow Mule Mugs, offering a premium looking and feeling way to enjoy these delicious drinks. 

If you have a home bar that regularly entertains others or you like to enjoy a homemade cocktail from time to time, you can’t pass up a set of these gorgeous mugs. No Moscow Mule is complete without drinking from an authentic copper mug, and thanks to Advanced Mixology you never have to miss out on your favorite drink.

Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule Mugs Features

Owning a quality set of Moscow Mule Mugs doesn’t just limit you to this one type of drink, as the properties of copper make it the ideal way to serve up any cold drink. It will keep them icy cool and look amazing doing it, so there’s no home that can’t benefit from them.

The Pros And Cons

These are some of the most premium Moscow Mule Mugs you’ll find in this price range, and they look just as good as they feel. The type of copper used to make this is a lot better quality than you’ll find in comparably priced mugs and there are no fillers or liners used.

The only real complaint that customers seem to have is about the thickness of the mug. There were a few reviews that had hoped they would be thicker, however, others found them to be the ideal size. Depending on how you like to drink yours, you might prefer to invest in a set that uses a thicker sheet of copper.

Advanced Mixology has also included a set of four wooden coasters for your Moscow Mules which make them look even cooler, but also help to prevent stains on your bar. Everything from the color of the copper to the design of the mug seems to have been carefully thought out, and you would be easily fooled thinking that this set of mugs cost a lot more than it actually did.

Buying Advice

To add these stunning mugs to your collection, you can head to Amazon for a great deal. You’ll be able to get the complete set of four Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule Mugs along with the wooden coasters for under $30, and they look and feel as though they should be worth much more than this.

Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule Mugs


As an added bonus, Amazon will ship your order straight to your house for free so there are no extra shipping costs. To get them even sooner and enjoy a Moscow Mule by the weekend, Amazon Prime members will be able to enjoy these within just 48 hours thanks to free express shipping. This certainly beats maC

One of the most amazing things about these mugs is that they come with a lifetime warranty from Advanced Mixology. Provided you give them the delicate care they need and refrain from putting them in the dishwasher, you’ll be able to enjoy these gorgeous Moscow Mule Mugs for the rest of your life.

The Verdict

There’s no need to spend a fortune on expensive Moscow Mule Mugs when you can find quality like the Advanced Mixology set. These amazing mugs look a lot more expensive than you’d expect and are made from high-quality copper, giving your drink the finish that it deserves.

To get yourself a set of the Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule Mugs and taste the amazing difference that they can bring to your cocktail, click here to purchase. After just one sip you’ll never go back to serving your drinks any other way.

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